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Miss Kyleigh

Board Member (February 2023-February 2024)

Miss Kyleigh is happy to help read books, teach signs, or maybe... how about both at the same time! Read on for more about Miss Kyleigh!

Hello Lovely Humans!

My name is Kyleigh, also known as "Miss Kyleigh" to those who step into the magical world of Reading Time with the Queens! Like Mr. Zae, I was born with hearing loss and did not become fully Deaf until the age of twelve. After that, I underwent surgery for a cochlear implant, a device that is similar to a hearing aid that allows me to pick up sounds. However, a cochlear doesn’t enhance hearing by amplifying sounds in the same way, instead it creates a new pathway for sounds to go through the cochlea. This allows me to communicate verbally with muggles. My “hearing” side is only one piece of me. I am fluent in American Sign Language and use this to connect to the Deaf community and the rich, beautiful Deaf culture. I am the bridge to both worlds and love to use my knowledge to bring both sides together.

I grew up in Pocatello, Idaho and moved to Denver, Colorado to attend college at the age of eighteen. I stayed in Denver for twelve years, completing my Juris Doctorate at University of Denver. Law and public service has always been my passion because I believe in giving back to your community and being of service to your fellow human beings.

I have loads of fur babies that are quite the handful! When I’m not working or tending to my feline masters, I love to curl up with a book and a warm drink. I find peace in nature, taking walks in the forest and putting my feet and soul in the ocean waters. I am quite the rock hound; you will often find me palming crystals or doing some yoga and meditating. I feel strongly about protecting the earth and all its inhabitants. I hope to encourage others to respect those they share this planet with, including animals and trees. I also enjoy catching up with my
friends over coffee and spending time with my partner Mr. Buster. He is very handsome and is often entertaining, as he is always up to something!


Reading Time with the Queens is near and dear to my heart. Reading was my only escape when I was younger - it was a world I could be a part of and it didn’t care that I couldn’t hear. It kept me company and was a loyal friend. I love to read just about anything I can get my hands on, but I’m partial to spiritual and philosophy books that discuss deep ideas and grand stories. There was very little exposure to ASL when I was a child, and I did not have the luxury of gatherings where I could go witness people like me teaching signs and reading books. I find it deeply fulfilling and important to offer this program to our community so that every child, regardless of how “different” they think they are, can come to our events and feel seen and heard. Most importantly, they can come have an amazing time singing, dancing, making crafts, listening to stories and learning new signs!

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