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February 2023- Say “LOVE!” Flower

Everybody say LOVE!

We all know that February is the month of heart shaped candies, thoughtful cards, and beautiful bouquets. This program, we have decided to highlight and celebrate all things love and weddings, and what better way to ring in the Valentines season than by creating this fabulous flower!



🌸 Pipe Cleaners (any colors)

🌸 2 and 1/2 cleaners for flower petals (pink)

🌸 1/2 cleaner for the center (yellow)

🌸 1 and 1/2 cleaners for the stem (green)

🌸 Scissors or Wire Cutters

🌸 Small Heart Paper Doily

🌸 Sticker or Tape


1. For the flower petals, fold your 5 pink half pipe cleaner sticks in half again. Bundle them together with the yellow half pipe cleaner placed in the center- make sure the yellow is sticking out of the top!

Repeat the same step with the longer green pipe cleaner, also in the center, with the cleaner sticking out of the bottom.

2. Take your 1/2 green pipe cleaner and tightly wind it around all pieces. It’s important to get it tight to hold the flower together!

3. Pull open the pink loops to form a petal shape.

4. Roll the yellow stick down to the center of the flower. Arrange it to fit as a nice little spiral!

5. For the stem, you may leave it long or fold in half and twist the two halves together.

6. For the doily: fold each side to the center point. Make a pocket, and seal closed with a nice sticker or tape!

There you have it friends, a beautiful pipe cleaner creation that will be the centerpiece of your February decor!

Please note: this program will take place in both Idaho Falls AND Pocatello on February 11th!

IDAHO FALLS: We will be at Winnie & Mo’s, 343 A St, starting at 10:30am.

POCATELLO: We will be at Marshall Public Library, 113 S Garfield Ave, starting at 1:30pm. You can find us in the Community Room.

Buh, buh, buh-buh! Buh, buh, duh-duh!

(This is, of course, the Bridal Chorus from Wagner's Lohengrin.)


A place where people cry for one of the happiest possible reasons!

But don't you fret, they're only crying because when two people get married, it's often because they share a lot of love and happiness between each other.

And that is something to celebrate!

This month, we invite everybody to say "LOVE!"

We will be reading books about weddings!

We will be singing songs about love and marriage.

We will learn sign language you can use during this most special of ceremonies.

And Miss Barb will help us with a nuptial craft!

Our colors are 'blush' and 'bashful,' so we encourage guests to THINK PINK and come dressed in their favorite red and pink attire!

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