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January 2023 - Super-Sleuthing Binoculars

It's a new year! What wonderful things does this calendar have in store for us? Hmm... it's certainly a mystery! Of course, just because it is January doesn't mean it is necessarily a magical time of new beginnings. There are many things on the horizon that we will need to face, and everything will be exactly what we make of it. Perhaps (and this is just a thought) Miss Barb's craft can help us see what is still far off and solve the mystery of what is to come!

Our wonderful craft this month is a pair of Super-Sleuthing Binoculars! It utilizes paper, glue, and one of our favorite craft supplies: the ever-versatile toilet paper tube! Once everything is sanitized, we are ready to begin!

Here is what you will need for supplies:

🔎 Color copy paper (it gives a tighter fit than construction paper)

🔎 Two toilet paper tubes

🔎 Glue stick

🔎 Scotch tape

🔎 Yarn or cording

🔎 Scissors

🔎 Ruler

🔎 Pencil

🔎 Hole punch

1. Cut paper into a 4 in x 5.5 in rectangle. Conveniently, this is a quarter of a whole sheet of paper. Fold in half and then half again to get the quarters.

2. Roll on the glue to one side of the paper and wrap around the tube. Tape the two edges for solid hold. There will be a bit of overlap on the long side: tuck those into the inside.

3. Glue the two tubes together with the taped edges together for a clean look. * OPTIONAL: Use clothes pins to hold together as they dry.

4. For the strap, cut a strip of paper 1.5 in x 11 in, roll glue to the back of the paper and wrap around the two tubes. Tape the ends for extra hold.

5. With your hole punch, make a hole on each side of the binoculars and tie a piece of yarn or cording to make a loop to hang around neck. *OPTIONAL: Use stickers or other decorative items to glam up the binoculars.

And that is it! Now you have a pair of Super-Sleuthing Binoculars with which you can solve mysteries!

Please note: this program will take place in both Idaho Falls AND Pocatello on January 21st!

IDAHO FALLS: We will be at Winnie & Mo’s, 343 A St, starting at 10:30am.

POCATELLO: We will be at Marshall Public Library, 113 S Garfield Ave, starting at 1:30pm. You can find us in the Community Room.

Come revel in the unknown at this month's Reading Time with the Queens! We will read some books full of speculation and intrigue! We will learn signs to help us solve the unknown. And Miss Barb's craft will help us see things as they really are!

We will be posting a recorded version of this program later on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook as soon as we are able. Craft Corner will be part of that video, so if you need extra help, Miss Barb and Mr. Lance will be happy to guide you!

In truth, the "not knowing" part of a mystery is the scariest part. Although sometimes we'd like to believe we are in control of what goes on, it's truly a mystery what we will actually encounter. Like Miss Cali wrote in her song PERSEVERANCE: "Exceptional reactions are not a guarantee, remain curious about all that you see." Hopefully by being together and experiencing the joys of living and being in the moment, hearing stories and making crafts, we will feel more prepared to take on the mysteries of tomorrow. Love to you!

***This is an independent program. It is not sponsored by any government agency or institution.***

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