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January 2024 - Handy-Dandy ASL Letter Maker

Miss Barb here! This month is all about Deaf Power! For us at Reading Time with the Queens, American Sign Language is one way we learn to be kind and accepting of others. Many Deaf people have ASL as their first language and communicate much better through sign. We already learn lots of signs during every program, but this craft is meant to help us think about a fundamental part of learning ASL: handshapes.

Handy-Dandy ASL Letter Maker


Handy Dandy ASL Letter Maker
Download PDF • 211KB

🖐 Download the template and print it onto card stock

🖐 Hand shape (We found ours at the Dollar Store in a pack of twelve. You can trace your own hand onto card stock and carefully cut it out. 

🖐 Markers

🖐 Scissors 

🖐 Stickers (any type to decorate the page)

🖐 Brass fastener (also known as Brads)


1. Place the hand shape on top of the back paper at the spot you want to attach it. Hold the papers tightly together so they don’t move. Have an adult use the pointed end of the scissors to carefully and slowly twist the scissor blade through both layers. Do this until it pops out the back. Place the fastener through the hole and pull the prongs apart to fasten.

2. Time to decorate up your craft! Use the markers and the stickers to your heart's content.

Your craft is done! Now you can use the ASL letter guide link here and move the fingers around to shape each alphabet letter. 

ASL Alphabet handout
Download PDF • 550KB

This craft was designed by Mr. Zae and myself. He had the idea of wanting to do something with hands. I saw these pre-cut hand shapes and put the ideas into a movable hand. I hope you enjoy this craft!

We hope to see you at our program this Saturday, January 13th, in Idaho Falls and Pocatello.


We will be at Winnie & Mo’s, 343 A St, starting at 10:30am.


We will be at Discovery Dance School, 310 E Clark St, starting at 1:30pm.

The space is ADA compliant. You may park in the parking lot either in front of or behind the studio.

NOTICE: There is an anecdotal rise in COVID-19 cases around SE Idaho. To protect the performers and participants in our program, we will be highly encouraging the use of medical masks during the program. We will provide KN95 masks for those that do not have their own.

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