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July 2024 - Keith Haring Watercolors

Did somebody mention art? 👀 Yes! We mentioned art! Specifically, we mentioned the project from Craft Corner this month, a bona fide mixture of watercolor painting and the work of Keith Haring. It's the perfect piece of art for our theme this month. Not only are watercolors easy and fun, this project gives us the chance to learn about the artist featured in one of our books!

Keith Haring's life story is told in the book Drawing on Walls. In it, we learn that Haring's love for art was fostered by his family; his father was a cartoonist and he made lots of projects with his little sister. As Haring grew up, he was committed to making art accessible to everyone, especially young kids. Haring worked on multiple murals for and with children all around the world. He even carried a black sharpie around in case a kid asked him to draw something.

It is in that spirit that we present today's Craft Corner project! If you come to Reading Time on Saturday, July 13th, you'll get the chance to paint a print inspired by Keith Haring's art. These prints were created by our own Mx. Kai!

RTWTQ - Haring Inspired Coloring Page - Dancin Queen
Download PDF • 3.29MB
RTWTQ - Haring Inspired Coloring Page - Baby Book
Download PDF • 3.49MB

If you're looking for some other templates, we found lots more from

If you would like a tutorial on how to draw your own Haring-esque figures (along with a little art history lesson), we recommend this YouTube video from Rainbow Parrot Art.

🎨 Keith Haring Watercolors 🎨


🎨 Watercolor paper

🎨 A template (You can download and print one from above, or you can draw your own! Just know that printer ink smears with water less than marker ink.)

🎨 Watercolor palette

🎨 Paintbrush

🎨 Cup of water


  1. Watercolor paints are water activated. Wet your brush. Dip into the color you want. Then apply that color where you would like it to go.

Keith Haring's art employed bold, solid colors. This craft invites us to be inspired by Haring's art style and subjects while using color in a different way. You may paint in each figure with a distinctive, bold style. You may also play with mixing colors like in our example. It's your art: let it reflect you!

2. Another technique you can use is applying water to the paper first, then applying pigment to the wet surface. Notice how the pigment spreads to where the water is? This can create some interesting patterns and color mixtures. Be careful! Too much water may cause colors to mix that you might not have wanted.

3. Don't be worried about the paper warping. Once it has dried, you can slip it between the pages of a book to flatten it out again.

And there you have it! A watercolor painting inspired by the bold art of Keith Haring!

We hope you like the designs that Mx. Kai created. What do they say to you? What colors did you feel like using to bring the lines to life? Keith Haring's art was meant to be accessible for everyone. He often had a message he wanted to share. Whether your message is as important as reminding everyone to love each other, or as simple as spreading happiness, remember that art can help you share your message to everyone who sees it.

We hope to share this art with you at our program on Saturday, July 13th in Idaho Falls and Pocatello.


We will be at Winnie & Mo’s, 343 A St, starting at 10:30am.


We will be at Discovery Dance School, 310 E Clark St, starting at 1:30pm.

The space is ADA compliant. You may park in the parking lot either in front of or behind the studio.

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