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June 2022 - Tea Party Memory Frame

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

Hello citizens of Southeast Idaho! Happy PRIDE Month! This month, we shall be visiting three festivals for the purpose of throwing a Royal Tea Party! We will be performing in Rexburg, Pocatello, and Idaho Falls, and at each event, we will be making a special craft!

For Craft Corner, Miss Barb and friends will guide you through decorating your own Memory Frame, complete with a picture of you, your friends, or your family!

You can find our booth at the following events:

Rexburg Pride - June 11th | Porter Park in Rexburg, ID Southeastern-Idaho Pride - June 18th | Caldwell Park in Pocatello, ID Idaho Falls Pride - June 25th | Idaho Falls Greenbelt Or, if you are celebrating PRIDE at home this year, you can still join in the fun with these instructions!

Supply List

️‍🫖 Template (link below). We suggest you print it on card stock so it’s sturdier for tracing.

️‍🫖 Craft Foam sheet, 5in x 8.5in

️‍🫖 Pen

️‍🫖 Scissors

️‍🫖 Guide to trace 2 inch circle

️‍🫖 Stickers & such for decoration

️‍🫖 Photograph/Headshot in a 2.5in x 3in size, it will need to fit the circle on the teapot.

️‍🫖 Tape to attach photo to back

️‍🫖 Optional - two small pieces of adhesive magnet (if you want to hang craft from fridge) or a pushpin (for the wall)

You can find the template to this teapot here:

Here are the steps!

1. Very carefully cut out the teapot template including the middle circle & the handle hole.

2. Take this template and trace each line & circle onto a sheet of the craft foam. Again, very carefully cut as smoothly as possible to have clean lines. If you got ink on the foam, just turn the teapot over and decorate the un-marked side.

3. You’re almost done! Just use your imagination to decorate the teapot. Stickers, glitter, sparkly gems - whatever fun stuff you have available!

4. Now take your photo and place it on the back, arranging it so your gorgeous face is clearly seen in the circle. Once you have it perfectly placed, tape it down from the back. Tape & craft foam are not very good friends, so you might have to use tape stronger than scotch tape. We were able to successfully tape it down with tape on all sides of the photo.

5. For the teapots we will use at PRIDE, we also included a few self-adhesive magnets so the teapots could be displayed on your fridge, or, you can use a pushpin on the wall.

These frames are great to remember the fun times you had during PRIDE and our Royal Tea Party! You can hang them, put them on your fridge, or even post them on social media! Just make sure you tag us: @ReadingTimeWithTheQueens!

Speaking of social media, stay tuned for all updates regarding PRIDE month, including a special Bonus Book! You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube!

PRIDE is a time of month where we get to "reorient." This means that, not only can we come together as a community, we can figure out who we are as well! Hopefully, this fun Tea Party Memory Frame can be part of discovering who you are, a reminder that you are special, and that people can love you exactly as you are.

At that is some tea!

Happy PRIDE!

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