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June 2024 - "Ringing in Pride" Spirit Stick

Updated: May 30

Are you ready to be loud and proud?! Miss Barb has a perfect Pride craft for the very thing!

Pride Month is when we remember how our ancestors decided to fight back against the systems that keep us from being and loving ourselves and others. It has been 55 years since Stonewall in 1969. Many things have changed for the better, but in some ways it might feel like they are becoming worse. At Reading Time, we want to inspire you to use your power to make things better! In the spirit of those that came before us, we're going to do so by getting LOUD!

There are lots of ways to show you are proud to be yourself! Whether you are sticking up for a friend or sharing your own truth, making a scene is a powerful tool for grabbing someone's attention. If shouting out loud isn't right for you, this Spirit Stick will help you as you are "Ringing in Pride." With all the noisy bells and colorful ribbons, you're sure to get everyone's attention!

🏳️‍🌈 "Ringing in Pride" Spirit Stick 🏳️‍🌈


🌈 Wood dowel (3/16-inch diameter x 12-inch length)

🌈 Rainbow ribbon (3/8-inch wide)

🌈 Jingle Bells (3, 1-inch wide)

🌈 Hair pony (2, small)

🌈 Scissors


Step 1: Cut five 12-inch lengths of ribbon. (If you don't have a ruler, you can use your dowel to measure!)

Step 2: String a bell onto three of the five lengths of ribbon.

Step 3: Secure a small hair pony to a spot about 1/3 of the way down from the stick. This will make sure the ribbons do not slip completely off.

Step 4: Start with a ribbon that has a bell on it. Tie it onto the dowel with a simple knot. Make sure it is tight! Then, tie a string without a bell, then one with a bell, repeating until all strings are attached.

Step 5: Secure a second pony near the top of the dowel.

There you have it! A craft that is perfect for Ringing in Pride! You are sure to be Loud and Proud with this spirit stick! If you aren't able to make it at home, we will have Craft Corner at Idaho Falls Pride (June 22nd) and Gate City Pride (June 29th). We are excited to have you join the fun and make yourself known!


Reading Time with the Queens will be participating in three festivals in Idaho this Pride Month! 🏳‍🌈


Southern Idaho Pride, Inc. will be holding a festival in Twin Falls at Twin Falls City Park from 11am to 7pm. Reading Time with the Queens will be performing at 5pm. (There will not be a craft corner.) 🌉


Idaho Falls Pride will be holding a festival on the Idaho Falls Greenbelt from 10am to 5pm. Reading Time with the Queens will be performing at 12:30pm. We will also have a booth and Craft Corner for families to visit and enjoy. 🏞


Gate City Pride will be holding a festival in Pocatello at Lookout Point from 3pm to 8pm. Reading Time with the Queens will be performing at 3:30pm. We will have a booth, a Craft Corner, and are sponsoring a Pick-A-Book Picnic for families to enjoy together. 🗝

Reading Time with the Queens is committed to providing safe, family-oriented spaces and programming in Southeast Idaho. Please stay up to date this Pride season on our Facebook and Instagram pages. You'll find our performance times as soon as they are available, as well as a new Pride Bonus Book on our YouTube channel on June 1st! Happy Pride! Remember your power!

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