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March 2023 - Sew Fun Paper Doll

This month, we are learning about sewing! Yes, fashion is a wonderful way of expressing ourselves, but we are actually interested in a different aspect of sewing: making something new from something old. We will be reading books about a farmer who kept finding ways to innovate his old overcoat, a young Dolly Parton and her coat of many colors (made by her mama), and a girl with a favorite dress that changes as she grows.

For our craft, we wanted to give you the experience of creating outfits, but sewing wasn't entirely plausible as a fifteen-minute craft. So, here is a fun way to dream up some fashion designs using stuff you probably already have around your house: paper!



🩳 Cardstock

🩳 Construction, printer, or designer paper

🩳 Markers, colored pencils, crayons

🩳 Bobbles (pom-poms, gems, buttons, decorations)

🩳 Glue

🩳 Scissors


1. First, you'll need a paper doll figure that you can dress! We found ours online, but you can also sketch and create your own. Here is the link for where we found ours:

2. Once you have your paper doll, you'll want to decide what kind of clothes you want to make for them! Do you want a shirt and some pants? How about some shorts? Of course, there are many fabulous dresses you could craft. Maybe even a pair of overalls! To make sure your clothes will fit, we recommend sketching out your outfits onto a piece of regular printer paper first, cutting it out, seeing if it fits your doll, and then making adjustments from there. This is not unlike how seamstresses, tailors, and couture designers draft their outfits!

For some inspiration, we've included this template to help you get started:

RTWTQ Paper Doll Outfits Template
Download PDF • 1.97MB

3. Once you have your shape, you can trace this piece of clothing onto the back of a piece of colorful paper, or you can use regular/construction paper! You can have a solid piece of clothing, or you can use colored pencils, crayons, or markers to decorate your "fabric." It is all up to you! Cut out what you've traced, and you'll have the outfit!

4. For our craft, we've decided to glue our outfit permanently to our doll. But, you don't have to! Traditional paper dolls include tabs on the tops and sides of the piece of clothing so you can switch them out, as seen here:

5. Once you've attached the clothes, it'll be the perfect time to adorn your outfit with any bobbles you might have. You can see that we've used some gems and buttons on our dolls.

6. Finally, we gave our dolls some features with our coloring utensils. You can also use googly eyes if you have them, or even bits of yarn for hair.

The cool thing about these dolls is that you can make lots of different outfits for them. Express your creativity, see what scraps of paper you have laying around, and have fun!

We hope to see you at our program this Saturday, March 18th, in Idaho Falls and Pocatello.

IDAHO FALLS: We will be at Winnie & Mo’s, 343 A St, starting at 10:30am.

POCATELLO: We will be at Temple Emanuel, 306 N 18th Ave, starting at 1:30pm.

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