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May 2024 - Magical Horn of a Unicorn

Whaaaattt??!! Does that say what I think it says? Yes! It is true! Miss Barb has a magical new craft for you! This craft uses the power of creativity with a little sprinkle of imagination. We would like to show you how to be as majestic and magical as the lovely unicorn. By the time we are done, you'll have your own beauteous horn to adorn on your head. All it takes is a party hat, some bobbles, and a little bit of wonder!

🦄 Magical Horn of a Unicorn 🦄


🦄 Lightweight cardboard party hat (ideally a solid color)

🦄 Scissors

🦄 Tape

🦄 Gems/bobbles


1. Take apart your party hat. You may need to pull apart the interlocking sides or peel the glued seam apart. You may also cut it apart with safety scissors and adult supervision. Important: Make sure you keep the elastic string attached.

2. Roll the hat into the shape of a horn. It will be tight!

3. Use tape to seal the new shape.

4. Decorate your horn to your heart's delight! We used a variety of gems to show our unicorn sparkle.

What a magical craft! It is amazing that you can turn one thing (a party hat) into another thing (a unicorn horn) with a little imagination! What else can you transform and use in your own play?

The Reading Time Buddies are especially excited for our program this month. "Unicorns" has been at the top of our suggested list for months! We think it is because Unicorns are beautiful, magical, and unique. But Unicorns also remind us to use our heads to come up with wonderful new ways of seeing the world around us. Hopefully this craft will help you remember to use your head too!

We hope to see you at our program this Saturday, May 11th, in Idaho Falls and Pocatello.


We will be at Winnie & Mo’s, 343 A St, starting at 10:30am.


We will be at Discovery Dance School, 310 E Clark St, starting at 1:30pm.

The space is ADA compliant. You may park in the parking lot either in front of or behind the studio.

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