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November 2021 - Fire-Breathing Dragon

Adventurers, unite! We must embark on our quest, not to slay a dragon… but to craft one!

Role-playing games present us with fun opportunities for teamwork and imagination, but it can also be a time for creativity! From creating a character, to dressing the part, even to painting miniature figures, crafting skills can prove very useful!

This month, we will put a few points in Creativity when we make this Fire-Breathing Dragon craft. Need a craft kit? You can pick one up at our regular locations:

-Ioke the Library, Pocatello @ Center and 8th

-The Book Shelf, Idaho Falls @ 575 S 3rd E

Our craft is based of this one from Apple and Eve:

If you want to make this craft with your own supplies, here is what you will need:

🐉 toilet paper roll

🐉 construction paper

🐉 streamers (for the fire)

🐉 Pom poms (three sizes for the nose, eyes, and pupils)

🐉 glue

🐉 scissors

Thank you for visiting Craft Corner! You can make this craft with us on November 20th at 12pm on Facebook Live! You can watch afterwards later on YouTube and Instagram once the program is edited and uploaded there.

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