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October 2023 - Bootiful Ghoul Glob

Boo! 👻 (I'll never get tired of that.)

It's October! That means Halloween is around the corner and we are officially in the season of Spooky! We love Halloween here at Reading Time. Between the tricks and treats, there is always something new to learn about being scared, being ourselves, and being kind. Last year, we took the time to learn about monsters, but this year we are learning about ghosts! Boo!

We are also learning to use a new medium in our Halloween craft... paint! Believe it or not, we have shied away from paint in the past, maybe because we were too scared to get it all over ourselves! But Miss Barb has found a great way to keep our hands clean while playing with paint, all while we make a ghost of our own!

👻 Bootiful Ghoul Glob 👻

We followed this handy guide from Crafts on Sea for inspiration!


👻 Paper with a dark background

👻 Two-inch pom-pom & one-inch pom-pom

👻 White and black washable paint

👻 Paint dish

👻 Scissors

👻 Silver Sharpie Marker

👻 Fun stickers


1. Pour some of each paint color into your paint dish. You will not need as much as you think you need. Remember: you can always pour extra paint easier than you can put it back! You will also need more white than black. Be careful not to let them touch (or else you'll have gray! (Which can be a nice color, but that isn't a color we are using in this craft.))

2. You can use your silver sharpie marker to create an outline on your paper. You can also cut out a template and use that to trace an outline of a ghost. (This is helpful if you want to make several ghosts.) Your ghost can take several shapes, but we are using the classic "bed sheet" silhouette. The silver color of the sharpie will hide pretty well once you start applying paint.

3. You can pick up the pom-poms with your fingers, or you can use clothespins to create a dabber. Use the two-inch pom-pom with the white paint, dabbing paint a bit outside of the outline you made. Wait a few moments for the paint to settle. Then, you can use the one-inch pom-pom with black paint to dab two eyes and a mouth. You can give your ghost a smile 🙂, a frown ☹, or even make your ghost say BOO! 😱😨

4. You can use as many layers of paint as you'd like. The more paint you use, the more opaque the ghost will look. If you use fewer layers of paint, it will look like your ghost is see-through! Then, you can finish off your painted creation with some spooky stickers!

We love this method of creating a ghost! The texture that paint provides can make your ghost look like it is floating through the air, hovering around for someone to scare!

We hope to see you at our program this Saturday, October 21st, in Idaho Falls and Pocatello.


We will be at Winnie & Mo’s, 343 A St, starting at 10:30am.


We will be at Discovery Dance School, 310 E Clark St, starting at 1:30pm.

The space is ADA compliant. You may park in the parking lot either in front of or behind the studio.

NOTICE: There is an anecdotal rise in COVID-19 cases around SE Idaho. To protect the performers and participants in our program, we will be highly encouraging the use of medical masks during the program. We will provide KN95 masks for those that do not have their own.

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