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September 2021 - Hello, Neighbor! Puppet

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, and it's a wonderful month for a new craft from Miss Barb's Craft Corner.

This month, we are celebrating the work of Mister Rogers through books, music, and (of course) crafts! When Fred Rogers was young, he loved to play with puppets. When he grew up and started making children's television programs, he brought the fun of puppetry with him! The characters he created and voiced in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe taught us lessons in their special way, and live now as cartoons in Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood on PBS.

The puppets that we are making this month are more simple, but with our imaginations, we can make-believe they are anything we want. Tune into Reading Time with the Queens in the Neighborhood for help in making your own puppet, one that will make you say "Hello, Neighbor!"

You can pick up craft kits from two locations:

-Ioke the Library, Pocatello @ Center and 8th

-The Book Shelf, Idaho Falls @ 575 S 3rd E

If you are wanting to compile your own kit, here is what you will need:

- Puppet Template. Ours is tested and Miss Barb approved, and you can find it here:

-Two pieces of felt

-Tacky Glue. This is important, as Elmer’s glue will not work for the fabric.

-Scissors, preferably meant for fabric.

-Pom-poms, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, feathers, and other decorations.

Creativity is key here. Miss Barb will be showing us several ways to decorate, but there are many ways to make a unique puppet!

Tune into Reading Time with the Queens in the Neighborhood on Saturday, September 18th at 12pm on Facebook Live! We will be posting an edited version of the program later on Facebook and Instagram.

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