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September 2022 - “In a Jar”

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

This month at Reading Time with the Queens, we are exploring the feelings that come when a friend moves away or when we move away from a friend. It's quite the sad topic, we know! Thankfully, we have a couple of books to help us navigate those feelings and understand them better.

One of these books is In a Jar by Deborah Marcero. In this book, friends Llewelyn and Evelyn save abstract things like Sunsets and Fall Days in jars to remember them forever. When Evelyn moves away, it becomes a way for them to stay connected. While we can't save the night sky in a jar, Miss Barb is certainly going to help us try with this month's craft!

Here is what you will need for supplies:

🫙 A jar

🫙 Many bobbles (ribbon, Pom-poms, stickers, etc.)

🫙 Glue

The name of the game is really just doing what you want! Glue, cut, stick on whatever, wherever you'd like! We recommend giving the jar a theme, like Miss Barb has with her ocean jar.

Putting things in your jar that will help you remember a special day or place is highly encouraged! (Just as long as everything in it is dry, not living, and yours.) In Miss Barb's case, she could fill hers will shells or rocks from the beach!

You can make this craft at home or in-person at the library! I'll Be Seeing You will start at 12pm at Marshall Public Library in the community room. We recommend arriving a bit early to have time to finish your craft!

We are excited to present this out of the box (or, out of a jar?) event this month. Our mission is to teach kids and families how to love and accept ourselves and others, and part of respecting ourselves is addressing our emotions. How wonderful is it that artists, writers, and singers can help us explore these feelings in a positive way!

We will be posting a recorded version of this program later on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook as soon as we are able. Craft Corner will be part of that video, so if you need extra help, Miss Barb and Miss Cali will be happy to guide you!

Thank you for supporting Reading Time every month! We hope you are able to join us for in-person events, but we understand if you can't. That's why we work to ensure that the magic of our programs can be experienced wherever you are!

***This is an independent program. It is not sponsored by the Marshall Public Library.***

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