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What is Drag?

Drag is difficult to define, as it encompasses a wide variety of performance and art that questions our notions about gender.

However, we can define the drag we do at Reading Time with the Queens.

Our drag is kind. Our drag is family-friendly. Our drag is fierce and courageous and loving. Our drag is feminine, masculine, and everything in between. Our drag celebrates the healthy ways we can express gender. Our drag is inclusive of trans and non-binary identities, and rejoices in our ability to discover our own gender in our own time. Our drag teaches us to accept others as we wish to be accepted ourselves. Our drag promotes healthy behaviors, and welcomes openly those who wish to learn in good faith.

That is our drag.

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Reading Time with the Queens' mission is to have drag performers read stories that will teach us how to accept and love ourselves and others.




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Providing spaces for families to experience drag culture.

Miss Nikki and Mr. Aaron read Noodle and the No Bones Day


Encouraging literacy through read-alouds and reward incentives.

Mr. Zae teaches us how to sign.


Teaching families about ASL/Deaf culture through the integrated use of sign language.

2022 RTWTQ Commercial

2022 RTWTQ Commercial

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