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Book Recommendations

We are often asked about book recommendations on a variety of topics. Below, you can find a few of our favorite books that fit under some broad themes. These are not exhaustive lists, but most books have links to the video where we read them. This way, you can experience them before ordering them for your own library!

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Special Mention

by Jennifer Miller

This academically researched text provides a broad and investigative overview of the canon of LGBTQ+ children's picture books written in English. Part survey, part academic analysis, Miller approaches this project from the lens of critical optimism (in other words, appreciating the text for what it does accomplish while still critiquing for what could be better). This text is highly recommended by Miss Cali, both as a way to find out about more queer children's literature and as a means to understand the limits of our modern selection of picture books. 

Trans, Non-Binary, and Rainbow Children

Children deserve the space to discover their own identities, and one great way of doing that is providing stories of other kids that discovered their identities as well! This section features books about being transgender or non-binary, or exploring gender expression through clothing or play. 

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Marriage, Relationships, and Drag

There are a plethora of books about gay and trans adults meant to help inspire and guide a reader. In this section, you'll find stories about real-life queer adults, stories about marriage and relationships, and even adults experiencing their own gender journeys.

ASL Opportunities and Deaf Icons

We love being able to share stories about Deaf people or read narratives that feature the use of American Sign Language. Here are some favorites!

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Boy and Girls Causing a Scene

Kids and adults of all genders can be whatever they want to be! These suggestions help us find that no matter what gender you identify as, you can play and work the same as everyone else (barring any institutional barriers, of course). 

Not finding what you need?

We have a resource for you!

The Pride Library is always adding new titles to their resource catalog, including options for older kids and adults! You can visit their website here:

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