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The Closet

Kellie is a MScW student at BSU. She is dedicated to providing resources to teenaged participants who attend RTWTTeens. Read below for more about her and her work!

About Me

I am a dedicated board member of The Closet. My lived experience is a cornerstone of my commitment to supporting and empowering LGBTQIA+ families and individuals. My journey as a community member helps inform my understanding of the joys and challenges inherent in creating and nurturing diverse families and communities. This passion has led to partnering with RTWTQ to help facilitate Reading Time with the Teens (RTWTTeens) to build an inclusive program for queer youth and their allies while celebrating and uplifting their experiences through LGBTQIA+ books and literature.


I am also currently pursuing my master’s in social work. I am also a student therapist; I specialize in LGBTQIA+ and gender-affirming mental health services. My goal, through therapeutic practice, is to foster safe and affirming spaces where clients can explore their identities and navigate the unique challenges they face with resilience and empowerment. I also enjoy connecting others to resources or creating them in our community. I put together the mental health resource list for RTWTTeens, so feel free to reach out if you have any you’d like to add to that list.


I love reading and getting lost in a good story in my free time. For me, literature is much more than a hobby; it’s a cherished escape and source of inspiration. I enjoy connecting with my kids and nieces over their favorite reads and graphic novels. I also find great joy in participating in RTWTTeens and learning from its participants.

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