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Miss Barb

Craft Coordinator

If you don't know about Miss Barb, what rock have you been living under? She's the queen of planning, a master with a glue stick, and the one bringing amazing crafts and concepts to Reading Time every month. Scroll down to learn more from the woman herself! 

About Me

I am the Craft Coordinator for Reading Time with the Queens. And guess what? I very much love this role because I get to PLAN! I love being a planner. I plan birthday parties, road-trips, visits to new cities, and of course, craft projects. I will spend hours thinking of ideas, looking for the perfect decorations, looking for craft supplies...

For Reading Time, we have a different theme each month, and I put on my thinking cap while searching for ideas within that theme. Sometimes I will tweak the idea to be easier for the kids. Sorting out the supplies, getting them organized, bagging up kits for the kids... it's all very fun for me too! 


I am the single mom of my beautiful daughter Brittney. We live together and enjoy life, just the two of us. We’re great buddies and love going on outings together. She works for a credit union in Idaho Falls and makes her mom proud everyday! I work at McDonald’s, where I just had my twelve year anniversary. I enjoy talking to people and I've gained a handful of personal friends from this. Watching the kids grow up is so fun! It's great to recognize the voice of a regular customer and know what they want before they even order. I know that I have great customer service and I am appreciated by the customers. 


We love cats at our house. Currently we have one (who is eighteen), but our hearts are still full of love for another three that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. 


I absolutely love the ocean, specifically the Oregon Coast. The waves are magical to me. Standing on the sand and hearing them as they lightly crash towards the shore, the constant swishing sound... I close my eyes and just let the joy, peace, and comfort fill my soul. It’s an overwhelming feeling. I have a plaque at my house that says “The Ocean Soothes My Soul” and it’s so very true! I have quite a collection of shells and jars of sand from various beaches around the country that friends brought to me. I also have many adorable Knick Knacks made from beach wood. Looking at it daily brings a smile to my face and an exhale of contentment.


Finally, I enjoy gardening each spring and summer. I love to plant flowers (always purple) and cultivate pots with tomatoes and cucumbers. It’s relaxing to step outside (in the evening when it’s cooled off) to water them. I take the time then to harvest any veggies and trim up the flowers. 

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