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Mr. Aaron


He's got the jokes, the puns, the charisma, the's Mr. Aaron! When he's not reading a book on his own, he's assisting with hosting, signing, or just bantering! Reading Time wouldn't be the same without Mr. Aaron. And when he's paired with his husband Mr. Zae, there's sure to be love enough to fill a whole room. More on Mr. Aaron below!

About Me

Hi y’all! My name is Aaron, but you might recognize me as Mr. Aaron! I love books; mainly the adventures they can take you on and the lessons you can learn. I think that’s why Reading Time with the Queens is important, it’s a fun way to learn important lessons.


I grew up reading a lot of books and I appreciate the value they have in teaching us. Even though I read a lot, I also like to play outside too. And that hasn’t changed as I’ve gotten older, I just play outside with my dogs more. I love being outside, where with a little imagination, I can step into some of those adventures I read about when I was younger.


Another benefit of reading: as I grew up, it helped me to appreciate the importance of communication. Now as an adult (or maybe just an older kid), I was driven to learn a new language. I learned American Sign Language (ASL for short) and use it daily with my husband, Mr. Zae. I love seeing people from different backgrounds or cultures communicating. I believe that it helps us realize that just because someone looks or thinks differently, that doesn’t mean they are bad or wrong.

I look forward to continue working with Reading Time and other groups to encourage the young (and young at heart) to read more, learn more about the world around them, and accept that not everyone is going to have the same opinion as you…and that’s ok.

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