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Mr. Buster


Whatever he is today, it starts with a "B." It's Mr. Buster! Reading (Books) and dancing (Busting-a-move) are two of his favorite things to do at Reading Time. He's definitely one of the Best Buddies to Behold. But, before you Believe it, he'll remind to Be yourself, just by Being himself! I'm running out of b puns. More information on Mr. Buster below!

About Me

Miss Cali and I have known each other for quite some time now (nine years?) and we’ve had a glorious friendship since the start.  We have helped each other through our college careers and adult life, and that has continued into work on Reading Time with The Queens.  And quite frankly, I wouldn’t want it any other way.  Our friendship is magical, just like RTWTQ!

I have hopped around the board with a couple of titles. First I was Vice President, but I am currently the Treasurer.  I think this switch happened due to my amazing Bookkeeping skills I presented during Pride month in 2020. 

In addition to my work with Reading Time, I am a Veteran, a trans activist/educator, local and statewide panelist addressing trans healthcare to trans inclusivity policies, a drag king (with Southeast Idaho’s First Drag King Troupe - Four of a Kind), a fitness instructor at a local gym, and I work at TRIO. (I'm also applying to go back to school! You're never too old.) I’m also a board member of another nonprofit based out of Orem, UT called Genderbands. Through this work, my goal/hope is to create a world where everyone is able to express themselves freely and thrive.

In my spare time, I am thinking about retiring yesterday in order to travel the world (at the very least, all 50 states), reconnecting with my military friends, camping, working on my flower beds or some random house project, playing video games, hanging out with my family, friends, and my partner Miss Kyleigh.  I know you’ve all seen her.  She’s a cutie!

I’ll leave you with some fun facts: my favorite colors are blue, red, green.  I have a cat named Poe (one of my favorite authors is Edgar Alan Poe). And then, there is Floki, my dog (who builds viking ships). My favorite baseball team is the NY Yankees.

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